Background and Marketing

Wolters´s core market is Lower Saxony and the region around our home town Brunswick. Here we intend to strengthen our brand and our distribution. Therefore we prefer local and regional marketing activities, also in order to support the high identification with our home area and to the people living here.
Our main marketing activities consist of press advertising, billboarding, radio advertising and POS-marketing. In addition we support local and regional festivals in order to be as close to our customers as possible. However, our customers are stipulating our activities. 



In January 2008 we started our first export activities as we consider us to be strong and experienced enough to fulfil this big challenge. In export our target is to build long term partnerships in carefully selected markets. So the first steps are done and we are confident that the next will follow soon.



We are also very proud of our employees. Our employees are the most important capital of our organisation. Together with the management all members are working as one team with one target: To satisfy our customers.

We are looking forward always having our tradition in mind!


Social engagement:

Last but not least, we take over social responsibility by sponsoring sports, environmental projects, culture and social affairs. As Wolters beers are natural brews we take environmental care and protection very serious.

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